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How to See Who Views Your Facebook Profile?

We all are concerned about who viewed our Facebook profile? Why is he or she checking my Facebook profile? Etc. Because Facebook is a very common social media app. You can get all information about the person who is having an account on Facebook. That is why sometimes we worried about that why is another person is looking at my Facebook profile. 

Anybody can access Facebook from any device like mobile phone or pc. You just need internet connectivity. Anyone can share text, photos, videos, and other things with their Facebook friends. But along with all these advantages, some security issues bother us. 

The main concern is who views your Facebook profile? Because Facebook is an open world platform with large users and anybody can visit your page and can use the pics in the wrong way. 

You can find uncountable fake profiles on Facebook which you need to take care of. One can use your personal information in a fake manner that can spoil your reputation. So, you need to be more careful while sharing your personal information on Facebook.

There are many ways to get insights into who is following you, friends you may know, upcoming events, and other friends related activities. But it is a little difficult to find out who is specifically views your Facebook profile. 

Hence, if you want to know about the person who viewed your Facebook profile, then the below information is for you. Here you can get the complete information about the related matter of who views your Facebook Profile.

4 best ways to find out who views your Facebook profile

The official way to know who viewed your Facebook profile

Facebook currently added a new feature to know ‘who views your profile’. This feature allows you to see who visited your Facebook page in the last 30 days. To check that, first, you need to Log in to your Facebook Account then open 3 links. 

Main drop-down menu> Privacy Shortcuts > after that here you will see a new feature “who viewed my profile”. 

But this feature is available only for the iOS App for now. Some report says that this feature may only be available on 1st April. 

Manually find out who viewed your profile

This method could be time-consuming but this is the most effective way to find out who views your Facebook profile. For this, visit your Facebook profile timeline page- facebook.com. it can take some time to load. After loading the page, the user should right-click anywhere on the page and select ‘view page source’. 

Then a new tab will open automatically. This tab will have complete information. Now hold CTRL+F, which will open the search box, then copy-paste this {BUDDY_ID} there. 

After that, you will find some profile ids of the persons who views your Facebook profile. Just copy that profile id and then open Facebook.com and then paste the id that has been copied. For example (Facebook.com/1000234565478092). This will show you the person’s name who viewed your Facebook profile. 

With the help of the Google Chrome extension

We can say that this is the easiest and reliable way to find out who views your Facebook profile. This method is also a time saver. After trying this, you may feel comfortable and safe as you know now who had viewed your Facebook profile. The first thing you have to do is to get to the social profile extension page. There you will found at the top the option of ‘add to chrome’. This will enable the extension to get added to your browser. This process can require some downloading tasks so you have to wait for few minutes. 

After that click on the add extension after the downloading gets completed. Then all this process now open www.facebook.com and log in to your account to find out who viewed your Facebook profile. 

When your Facebook profile gets load you can see the timeline bar there. That bar will show you a new option as a ‘visitor’. So, that is the person who had viewed your Facebook profile. 

Some iOS Apps to find out who viewed your Facebook profile

Here we have suggested enough method to find out who views your Facebook profile. But if you are an iOS user and facing some problem then this information is for you. Because some iOS users facing the problem of adding the extension. Hence to solve this problem iOS developers and designers have made an app called ‘social fans’. 

This app will provide you the complete information about who views your Facebook profile. You can find this app on the iTunes store for all iOS devices. This app will help you to get the social support that enables you to see who had viewed your Facebook profile. 

Apps that claim to help you in see who viewed your profile

We all desperately trying to find out who views my Facebook profile. Because of this reason so many apps keep showing up in advertisements. Never install those apps on your mobile or computer. These apps promise you that they will show you who viewed your Facebook profile. But these apps will put your Facebook account’s privacy and security at risk. 

If you signed into any app with your Facebook ID and password then the app makers can access everything easily in your Facebook account. So, never install them. Because some hackers use these apps to hack your Facebook account. 

Some of these apps are malware that may infect your computer, your mobile phone, or your browser history. From there they can access your personal data too. Hence, do not over trust any app.


I think the above information will help you to find out who views your Facebook profile. Also, some information revealed that Facebook has now going to provide a separate option in their application. That option will directly help you to find out who has viewed your Facebook profile. 

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