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Top 10 Challenges facing public school

Parents prefer to enroll their child in private schools rather than public schools and this is because of a variety of reasons. Public schools have the reputation of not being maintained, no proper staff, no funding regulations, and no discipline.

So parents who have a decent salary try to put their child in private schools. However, the good news is that now, it’s easy for anyone with good writing skills to write essay for money and afford a good living for yourself and good schooling for your kids.

However, here are some of the challenges that public schools face, which hinders their reputation.


#1. Overpopulated classrooms

The classrooms of public schools are highly overpopulated due to reduced fee structures. When the classrooms are filled up it is very difficult for the teachers to give attention to every child. This decreases the productivity of children.

#2. Poor financial status

The children who are admitted to public schools are mostly from a family that is below the poverty line or on the poverty line. These families suffer from basic hand to mouth living so receiving fees or monetary help is not possible for schools on time. The help from government bodies and NGOs is what public schools get help with.

#3. Bad behavior of Children

As most of the students come from a poor background their upbringing is uncertain. They have bad habits such as the use of foul language, use of drugs, eve-teasing, etc. which has to be rectified before educating them.

#4. Parent Student Relation

The families of the children in the public schools are highly unpredictable. The parents are so busy earning a meal that they do not have time for the child.

#5. Technology

In today’s ever-changing world technology plays a very important role in advancement. Most of the schools use advanced technology for teaching. However, it is not possible for public schools to digitalize themselves due to monetary problems.

#6. Age-old process

Public schools follow the age-old process of paperwork and manual work. This makes the staff work tediously and also wastes a lot of time. The staff then tends to get monotonous with the ways of working and has a weird attitude to display.

#7. Infrastructure

The infrastructure of public schools is hardly maintained. The paint comes off, the benches are not repaired, the entire electrical system sometimes is not working. With such an environment, the child will never be able to study and give his best shot.

#8. Old education system

Private schools tend to change their teaching system and curriculum with the changing times whereas public schools follow the same curriculum. The exams and tests are still a burden on the child. They are evaluated based on exams and not their talent. These traditional techniques which have not changed with time are a big hindrance to the growth of students in public schools.

#9. No proper meals

Despite the government providing funding for meals in public schools, the funding hardly reaches them, and even if it reaches them, the authorities do not provide proper nutritious meals to the students. The government does not keep strict checks and thus the health of the students is compromised.

#10.Low salary of teachers

Most often, the teachers aren’t paid enough for them to be motivated to put in their 100% dedication in teaching. As a repercussion, students suffer greatly in gaining a quality education.

To conclude,

These challenges are not as enormous as they seem. With proper planning, all obstacles can be overcome. If public schools strive to make a change, a country can produce quality education within no time. So, paying attention in the education sector and setting things right should be a priority for the government.

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