Insert A PDF File into a Word Document

How to Insert A PDF File into a Word Document?

You might be wondering, what would be the best way to insert a PDF file into a Word document. Apparently, it seems to be difficult to fetch the text from the portable document format because you will need to purchase premium software that allows you to make changes in PDF, or else you would have to spend hours to write the text. But the latest OCR technology has changed the entire image to text conversion dimensions. You can use PDF to Word converter online free utility for this purpose. No matter, whether you want to convert the PDF file into Word 2007, 2010, 2016, or any other version, it’s now possible with the PDF2Word online tool.

Since the inception of the Microsoft Word format back in 1983, it has been evolved and has come up with advanced text editing features. You will find many free alternatives to MS Word, but it is still popular and used by millions of people around the world. If you want the PDF file to get inserted into the Word document and make the objects clickable, you will have to convert PDF to DOC. Before getting to the procedure of converting the PDF to Word, let’s get to know what a PDF file is.

What Is a Portable Document Format File?

The portable document format or PDF file helps the users to view, edit, and share the data and information, which could be in the form of text, visual graphics, objects, charts, and more. The files are also editable and printable, and amazingly you can view the PDF files on any device because there are no compatibility issues. However, the PDF allows you to edit the file, but the editing options are limited, and you would need to convert PDF to Word for editing the content or for adding it to the Word document.

Why do you need to Insert PDF File into Word?

In MS Word, you will find an extensive range of features for handling and managing the content. In PDF files, you cannot edit the file; you will not be able to add charts, tables, change font size, and style. Moreover, if you need to add a watermark in a PDF file, you would need to buy the premium version, but with the MS Word document, you can easily add the watermark to your documents. One of the most common ways to insert the PDF file into Word is to insert it as an object by importing the file, but that doesn’t allow you to make the text editable. For that reason, you would need a PDF to Word online converter utility to make the text and other objects clickable and editable.

How to Insert PDF File into a Microsoft Word Document?

There is a wide range of online PDFs to word utilities available for helping users to convert their Pdf file into a Word document. One of those pdf to word converter online free could be accessed by visiting the following link: It is quite easy and simple to execute the conversion process, and your PDF file data will be easily inserted and incorporated into a Word document. Most of the online utilities to convert word to pdf files are free and also don’t require the users to get registered or execute the conversion of PDF to Word. Below you will find some simple steps to convert PDF to Microsoft doc file.

  • First things first, you need to come up with a PDF file
  • After that, you would have to upload or drag and drop the file to the online PDF to Word utility
  • Once the file is submitted for PDF to Word conversion, rest will be handled by the tool itself
  • Within a matter of instance, the file will be converted into Word document from PDF and will be available for download.

Bottom Line

Apart from using an online tool, there are other techniques as well for inserting the PDF file into a Word document. Moreover, you can find PDF to Word mobile applications as well. These mobile applications will also let you insert the data of a PDF file into a Word document.

If you are worried about finding the PDF to doc tool, then brush away your worries as there are plenty of online utilities that can make the conversion process executable for you in a matter of seconds.

The PDF to Word online converter tools works under the advanced and latest OCR technology. So, there are very few chances of errors to take place. Moreover, web applications are always making it possible to provide high-end service due to the rising competition. If you are seeking to get the PDF file text editable, then the PDF to doc tool will be a perfect utility for you to opt for.

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