Mountain Treehouse Vacations: Plan Your Dream Getaway

There’s something about staying in a treehouse that appeals to the kid in everyone, but guests shouldn’t assume an air of nostalgia is all that these kinds of resort getaways have to offer. Mountain views, luxurious amenities, and unique features all accompany the perfect treehouse rental, as well. Discover what visitors need to know about planning their dream getaways in mountain treehouse resorts.

Finding The Perfect Location

There are treehouse resorts all over the world. From the Château Dans Les Arbres in Dordogne France to the Pacuare Lodge in the Central American rainforest, there’s something for everyone. Intrepid international travelers looking for a great view of or from the mountains may want to check out:

  •  Wilderness Treehouse in Australia’s Blue Mountains

The Mirrorcube at the Treehotel in Harads, Sweden

Treehouse on Loch Goil in Scotland

Not into spending a fortune and traveling across the world for a quick getaway? Arguably the best part of planning a mountain treehouse vacation is that there’s no need to travel to a remote country. Families and couples will get their dream resort getaway complete with unique lodgings and beautiful views at Sanctuary Treehouse Resort just outside of Sevierville, Tennessee.

Choosing When to Visit

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to seasons, and resorts vary in terms of when they accept guests. Choosing a treehouse resort that offers some extra amenities like heating and air conditioning will open up possibilities significantly, but do some research before deciding when to book. 

A beautiful mountain getaway won’t be as relaxing and enjoyable if guests can’t see the views through the continual rain. Some resorts also choose to close their facilities during certain times of the year when the weather isn’t hospitable or there simply aren’t enough visitors to make it worth keeping the doors open.

Deciding What to Bring

Packing lists differ significantly by season, location, and individual preference. Because treehouse resorts vary so significantly in terms of amenities, it’s best to check with the hotel regarding what to pack. Even the availability of basics like food varies from place to place, although most upscale treehouse resorts offer at least some form of on-site dining.

A treehouse glamping vacation out in the wilderness differs from staying in a luxurious, all-inclusive resort. No matter where adventurers wind up going for their mountain getaways, though, remember that a camera is a must to capture all of those amazing memories and stunning views.

Deciding Who to Bring

Planning the perfect getaway requires a realistic look at who should make the invite list. Not everyone enjoys being out in nature, for example. Plus, while the idea of staying in a tricked-out treehouse appeals to the child in everyone, some mountain getaways are adults-only. Others restrict pets. Learn the rules before deciding where to go, particularly if that dream getaway wouldn’t be the same without bringing along the kids or the family dog.

Start Planning Now

Treehouse resorts aren’t like ordinary hotels. The most popular of them book out months, or sometimes up to a year, in advance. Planners should take their time when it comes to investigating options, but they should do it well in advance of their intended vacation dates. Start planning now to make that dream of a perfect mountain getaway a reality.

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