Online Courses During Lockdown: Acquiring New Skills From Your Home

It is not even 6 p.m. and you are already bored out of your mind? The pandemic era is unfortunately not over yet, so you are stuck at home again. Many countries are once more deciding on a lockdown in the fall and wintertime. So you find yourself working from home, limited from your usual daily activities. This does not go in line with your plans and now you have too much time on your plate but no idea what to do. 

There is so much more to this situation than just binge-watching your favorite TV show every day. Of course, why not enjoy your after-hours while you can but consider other options to pass your time. The majority of people have taken up a hobby during lockdown – from knitting to baking. To destress from work, we can turn to a hobby that doesn’t require deadlines or teamwork. It is time for yourself only, doing something new at your pace. Learning a new skill lowers anxiety and prevents depression which is threatening us considering the environment and circumstances we live in.

Online learning should be given its rightful place on this topic since the demand for online courses has increased within the last couple of years and is a growing market. People have the time to learn a new valuable skill that can even benefit their career in the long run. Just pick an area that interests you and soon enough you will be an expert on it, with your considerable effort to get better at it, of course. If you have no idea what course would be a good fit, take a look at a few examples in this article.


You have been dreaming of traveling to France for a romantic holiday but the world had other plans. However, why not work on your French so you prepare for your future travels? You can learn new languages from your own home. You get access to all four elements of learning – reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Many courses offer grammar exercises, but more importantly, communication with native speakers is the best way to acquire a new language.

CPR and First Aid

If you haven’t been in a real medical emergency, then you have at least heard of a passer-by saving someone’s life on the street by performing CPR. It’s something that can happen to all of us so it makes a huge difference to be prepared. CPR and First Aid online training is useful both for you and those around you. You will know how to react quickly if someone needs immediate medical treatment. Healthcare workers are already using online medical courses for their careers which is one of the reasons you should be a part of a community that thinks of other people’s well-being. 


If you are one of many struggling with their mental health right now, then this idea may be the right one for you. Stressful situations can make us respond swiftly, led by current emotions. This course will help you find peace, understand your feelings and what is causing them. We tend to drift away into negative thoughts, the “could’ve been” situations, and daydreaming. It takes away our precious time and plays with our emotions. The mindfulness exercises help you maintain your focus, improve your sleep and lower your stress level.

Digital Marketing

It can be a great addition to your resume and a beneficial investment if you have your own business. Traditional marketing is no longer valuable, and if you don’t put effort into digital marketing, your business is almost non-existent. This course will help you increase your sales and be digitally present for your prospective customers. You certainly want your business to grow, so why not spend your time learning new things which benefit you in the long run?


If you are already the photographer of your friend group and have an eye for aesthetics, try out a photography course. Whatever your subject of interest is, there are various courses, both for experienced professionals and beginners. You will learn about different scenarios, natural lighting, editing, and understanding cameras. However, you are not even obliged to have a professional camera. Your smartphone and creativity are enough to capture unforgettable moments.


You now have a better picture of what is available online. However, it can be tricky because there are numerous categories to pick. Whichever online course you start, it will be a well-spent time. Think about what calms you and dedicate your time to perfect those skills. You can cook with your favorite chefs from the comfort of your own home or perfect your writing skills for a future novel. The list is endless so enjoy exploring!

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