Enhance Your Amazon SEO Skills

How to Enhance Your Amazon SEO Skills for A Better Reach?

Amazon accounts for more than 38% of the online sales and it is still growing. It is growing with every passing day. And, it is not growing alone but with hundreds of thousands of sellers. The flywheel effect is not only working for Amazon but also for many sellers. Hence anyone can make a debut on the account and can start selling straight away. It will just require signing up for the seller account to start working as a seller. It is just that simple when it comes to working on this platform. But it is never that simple when you talk about competing for a better reach and more conversions. Signing up for a seller account is not enough as you would always require doing some good work to make good use of the sign-up process.

Reach is a key to success for sellers on Amazon but that can only be attained through PPC campaigns and SEO. PPC campaigns are always going to cost you a substantial amount of bucks and are always run for the time you keep pouring the money. SEO on the other hand is a long-term process. It keeps paying off for a longer period after you have done it properly. This is why it is always good to consult an Amazon Agency for proper technical support.

How Does Amazon SEO Work?

Before diving into the ocean of Amazon SEO it is good to know how Amazon search engine works. It works just like any other search engine around us. It works like Bing, Yahoo and, Google. Experts believe that Amazon resembles Google more than it does with any other search engine. But precisely speaking it uses its very specific A9 algorithm that can be seen at A9.com. Hence you require doing something very much you were used to doing to rank your website better on Google.

When people search for products they will enter certain words, formerly known as keywords. Amazon will show your product in the organic search results only if your product listings have keywords that match with those typed by the customer. Now getting the right keywords is the first thing towards working with the SEO on Amazon. The algorithm A9 will rely on performance and relevance. The relevance is all related to the keyword matches while the performance depends on how well your product is being sold.

Getting relevant is thus the most important thing as it will bring traffic to your listings and will take you to the second phase. The performance will improve when the products will start selling. You can surely learn how to increase sales on Amazon by just learning the SEO.

6 Tips for Improving Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO may require a certain amount of time from you but it is worth giving the due time and attention. It will bring the results you are dreaming to have in the longer run. It will keep doing the good work for your product listings once you have executed it properly for your account. Here is how you can do it.

1.    Conduct Keyword Research

As describe before keywords provide the operational basis to all the SEO techniques performed for product listings. Hence it is vital to think of keywords for the relevance you require for your product listings. The right set of keywords need to be used to impress Amazon’s algorithm. These keywords can be searched by using keyword search tools or by running contemporary campaigns. One can also take a look at the competitor’s keywords to have a better chance with the effective use of keywords. Long-tail keywords are always a better choice for effective SEO techniques.

2.    Manage Your Reviews

The organic search results will always rely on the performance of the products. The best performance helps you get good ratings and that’s what impresses the Amazon search bots as well. Amazon will always show the best-rated product on top of the organic search results. Hence, for better SEO performance, you should try to get quality reviews consistently for all your products. You are likely to get negative reviews when you start selling regularly. But by addressing the negative reviews you can surely avoid them in the future.

3.    Give Your Products an Optimized Title

Just like keywords the product titles also have a due role to play in the search engine optimization process. One can improve a product’s chances to appear in the search results by optimizing its title. You can do it for all of your items available on the listings. It will surely give you a better chance to address your SEO matters productively. You can add product type, model number, size, and even color to make it look optimized.

4.    Follow Image Guidelines

People need to see your product from every possible angle to decide on the purchase. Hence adding quality images allows buyers to zoom in and get a better idea about the quality of a product. Quality images are very likely to make good impressions and at last good conversions. The good conversions will help boost your Amazon SEO directly.

5.    Consider Your Product Price

Amazon’s flywheel effect started with the low price and it is still working. Amazon is used to bring those products on top that are priced under low amounts. The lower the price, as compared to the competitive products, the greater will be the chances to appear in the search results. Hence to have relatively competitive product listings, you need to consider competitor’s product prices. It will let you price your products perfectly for SEO.

6.    Use Brief Product Descriptions

Brief product descriptions never mean you should start covering your product features with lesser words. But being brief means being precise in your placement of words on the product feature table. Offering product features in the form of bullet points can surely help enhance your chances to catch the customer’s eye. Once you can involve the visitor you are more likely to sell your product. And every conversion will add value to the product’s rank for the Amazon SEO.


You can try all these hacks to improve your SEO skills. It is also good to consult experts for more technical details. But for the best startup, you can surely move with these techniques.

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