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Top Benefits of Hiring a Queens Car Accident Lawyer

One common question that comes up after a car accident in Queens is whether you must hire the services of a Queens car accident lawyer or not. New York is a ‘no-fault’ state in which you can get compensation for your damage from your own insurance company rather than the opponent.

While your insurance company has lawyers and adjusters to minimize your compensation, you also need someone who can work to protect your rights.

Not yet convinced about the benefits of hiring a car accident attorney? Keep on reading.

You Get the Right Advice

A car accident can leave you perplexed and devastated, and you may not find answers to many questions in your mind. Whose insurance will pay for your medical expenses? Who will pay for your vehicle’s damage? How can you get compensated for your pain and suffering? Only a qualified and experienced attorney in Queens can advise you through the case resolution.

Expert Negotiation with the Insurer

As far as securing settlements is concerned, dealing with the insurance company is perhaps the most challenging part. However, when you have a car accident lawyer by your side, you have an expert who can represent you and negotiate the deserved compensation for you. Most people are relieved with the idea that they no longer need to face the stress of talking to an insurance adjuster.

Firm Liability Establishment

When a competent attorney works for your case, you get sufficient evidence to identify the party responsible for your injuries. There are some instances in which establishing negligence is not that easy. At such times, every party tries to give the blame to other parties. Without an established liability, your insurance company gets an excuse to withhold your compensation. A lawyer can help in defending your rights when they do that.

More Precise Amount Estimate

Insurance adjusters negotiate the claim amount to the insurance company’s best interests. On the other hand, car accident lawyers work on your behalf to negotiate the best claim amount per your benefit. Depending on the situation’s clear picture, they give an accurate estimate of how much compensation you are entitled to get.

Knowledge of NY Laws and Regulations

After a car crash, your primary focus should be your injury, treatment, and recovery. While your insurance company tries its best to refuse your claim, a car accident lawyer will protect your rights using the Queen’s car accident laws and regulations. Experienced attorneys specialize in such cases and ensure that you get the maximum compensation under the legal obligations.

Have Someone to Represent You

If the case needs to be dragged into court, a car accident lawyer will be the person who can file the lawsuit on your behalf and work aggressively to fight for your rights. When you come with a competent attorney by your side, insurance adjusters try to concede and give you a fair settlement offer.

With all these benefits of hiring a Queens car accident lawyer, you must find the one who is specialized, qualified, and experienced in the field. Read their reviews and find their success rate before handing over your case to them.

Queens has the highest average number of annual car accident-related injuries in NY. With more than 15,000 people treated for auto-related injuries in Queens each year, Queens also has more car accident fatalities with an average of 93 deaths reported from car accidents each year.

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