Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men

The question of why women need more sleep than men is asked so much. There are several possible answers but one of the most obvious answers is the need for a lot more shut-eye time. Women tend to have more mental stresses and anxiety, which can be draining to their bodies. Their bodies will reward them with more sleep if they can rest.

Sleep deprivation can also be detrimental to the heart. This is one of the biggest life decisions that we need to make. We get up in the morning ready to face the world but often ignore the little signs that tell us we are not well-rested.

We all know that taking naps in the daytime can be counterproductive. They can take away valuable sleep that we are desperately seeking. On the other hand, staying up late to chat with friends or read the newspaper can also be a big cause for concern. How many times during the day do we stay up late just to catch up on what everyone else is doing? Sleep problems affect more women than men, so we must start controlling our insomnia. It doesn’t take long and it can be easy to do! Also, one thing is sure, the female sex drive is stronger than men and women demand different types of sleep and get different types of rest periods than men.

Reasons Women Need More Sleep

  • We often eat breakfast in the morning because it is our only source of extra food. When we skip breakfast, our body cannot restore glycogen, which helps fuel us throughout the day. Lack of sleep means that we cannot replenish glycogen stores. These reasons make it very clear why we need to get more sleep at night.
  • Another of the reasons women need more sleep at night is related to hormone levels. Some studies show that women experience a significant hormonal change during the month of pregnancy. The concentration of progesterone and estrogen increases during this time. Both of these hormones are essential for keeping our bodies healthy and functioning properly. However, when these hormones change, we are not able to sleep well as we should, causing our sleep patterns to become erratic.
  • Women need more sleep because they generally require much more time to recuperate from their daily activities and stress than men do. Women also go to bed later during the day, which also leads to them having less time to sleep than men. They are more likely to experience insomnia and nap-related sleep problems. Their bodies also require a higher quality of deep sleep, especially compared to men. They can try using an acid reflux wedge pillow for themselves to support and relax their spine.
  • Women have two distinctly different sleep cycles that occur during their menstrual cycles. They are known as estrogen and progesterone. As we age, the amount of estrogen and progesterone produced in our bodies decreases because the ovaries cease to produce them. The drop in these hormones creates a state of constant fatigue which women suffer throughout their lives.

Other Factors

  • You see, in general, women have a more flexible skeletal structure which is why they can obtain a deeper sleep and be more rested the next day. Also, women have two very different sleep cycles than men, and these cycles occur during different phases of the menstrual cycle.
  • Women’s bodies have not completely shut off their production of unwanted hormones. Because of this, women will suffer from fatigue during the day, as well as throughout the week. And not only do the hormones create this imbalance between the sexes but also environmental irritants such as pollen and air pollution also play a significant role. This is why you see people who work in offices all the time suffering from breathing difficulties and headaches.

What You Should Do To Sleep Better And Experience A Complete Cure

  • Follow a healthy lifestyle that includes a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and caffeine.
  • Also, exercising regularly and eating healthy is imperative.
  • In addition to that, there are supplements on the market today that can help increase the amount of sleep your body needs. However, you don’t want to take any type of medication unless you are instructed by a doctor to do so. One thing to remember is, when taking any type of medication to sleep better, it is always best to talk with your doctor or health care provider before doing so.
  • You can also bring changes in your bedroom like changing the mattress, buying a duvet or a comforter instead of a mattress as well as changing your pillow as well.


While we have given you some popular reasons why women need extra sleep, it is important to note that this is merely an oversimplification. The real reason that women experience fatigue is due to several other factors which affect women differently. In actuality, no single reason accounts for every single occurrence of lack of sleep in women. That being said, the above reasons are the more common causes that researchers and physicians have found.

For more information regarding why women need more sleep than men, you may want to visit your local physician to inquire about other possible reasons you may have about why you are fatigued during the day. Lack of sleep can have serious consequences for many women. They feel run down and unable to function properly while they are awake. They can lose their sense of self-confidence as well. If you are experiencing any of these problems or even if you are not aware of any of these reasons, now is the time to take action and figure out how to sleep better at night.

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