5 Things Halo Infinite Needs To Be Successful

Halo was one of the top-rated games known for its ground-breaking art & style, played all around the globe. In the mid-2000s, it was a household name for every gamer. The colors, the alien worlds & the unique flavor were what made it so big.

But things changed & took a drastic turn for the worse when 343 took over. Also known as the identity crisis for Halo, 343 industries added some changes to the game. They changed the style & made it more realistic, which sounds like a good way to go for an online game but it robbed it of the texture for which the Halo games were popular. The new art style was good, but it just wasn’t Halo anymore. Subsequent editions just made it worse for the fans, and they’ve been hoping for a grand comeback.

The good news here is 343 has promised fans such a comeback. They have revealed some of their plans in their recent gameplay and they look great. But there’s still a lot not known as the launch is not for months. As per the first look, it seems promising, but there’s still a lot that needs to hit the bullseye for Halo Infinite to make its comeback one of the most unforgettable events in the history of the franchise.

Here are 5 things that Halo can do to make its presence felt again. Before you jump in, do check out Halo infinite hacks to get ahead of the competition early.        

More details on the open world

The rumors have it that Halo Infinite will have some of the elements from the open-world – might be set in the open-world entirely. There was some light shed on it during the gameplay reveal. But there’s still a lot that remains unknown.

Even if it is an open world, 343 Industries needs to tell it better and also explain why the open world is such a big deal. The hype needs to be uncovered. On paper, sure it sounds super cool but the gameplay never really showed what it could be like.

If the game is set on a halo ring, it can be a real gamechanger. It would be great for the franchise if there are more details on how big and dynamic the environments are. Being open world should be a huge point in Halo Infinite’s favor, only if they capitalize the potential and make it a bit more clear to the audience.

Story – Less chaotic, more visual

Ever since the 343 takeovers, the story, which was once an integral part of Halo, has been a mess. The original flavor is ruined. The new Halo demanded heavy background knowledge and the plot was known to fly over the head of most.

With Halo Infinite, things here need to change for the better. In a couple of interviews with the franchise, there finally seems to be hope for the story. They have indicated that Infinite will not require much reading or heavy background knowledge of any sort. A balance between making it a great experience for fans who have heavily invested in the series’ larger narrative and also for the less read would be a major challenge 343 will be facing. But if conquered, there can be the light at the end of the tunnel.

Multiplayer Details

There were some rumors (which now have been falsified) that Halo will not be multiplayer. They need to shower the fans with more details about the multiplayer – which is a huge part of the Halo games. The only thing that Halo 5 hit the bullseye with was multiplayer, and the franchise is expected to build on that. The big bonuses – free to play and 120 fps would be a game-changer.

Major changes in the visuals

The visuals in the gameplay are not bad but they aren’t brilliant either. They are sort of flat, mid-gen Xbox oneish. There was some hope when 343 claimed that this is just a work-in-progress. And they have promised to improve upon the visuals and the art style. As far as Halo is concerned, the art style is integral to the success of the series. Fine-tuning of the environments, characters having more detail, and smoother animations are some of the highly recommended visual changes.

Forge System

In the Halo franchise, the forge system is one of the mainstays. Interestingly, it began as a sandbox in Halo 3 and now is an integral part of the series. The reason behind this was the innate map-building ability transferring to the players. The imaginative players started doing a better job than developers. Moreover, it contributed to the sense of community. An elaborate forge system can do the trick for Halo Infinite.

Final Words

Halo Infinite might be the last bet of the franchise to win back the trust their fans used to place in them. It’s high time 343 and Halo does a grand comeback with all these five changes if they wanna be successful.

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