What Are the Awesome Benefits of Playing Basketball?

Do you love to watch sports? You should consider playing one, too, especially since only 53% of adults meet the national guidelines for aerobic activity. And there’s no better way to get active and have fun in the process than through a game of basketball.

The reasons to start shooting hoops don’t end there, either. Keep reading to learn more about the awesome benefits of playing basketball!

Enhance Your Aerobic Fitness

If you struggle to maintain consistency running or hitting the gym, playing sports might be the right answer. And you’ll get plenty of aerobic exercise to improve your cardiovascular health through basketball. That’s because the stamina required to play this sport is nearly unparalleled among other team sports.

In a typical basketball game, you’ll be playing both offense and defense, and changing directions quickly and often. During a game, you may end up running over 2 miles just within the court. And that doesn’t even factor in the jumping to block shots and passes, or the small bursts of speed needed to keep pace.

You’ll keep your heart healthy when you take the court and enhance your endurance. You’ll get your heart rate up and help reduce the chances of heart disease or other health issues down the road. Just be sure you’re playing an actual game rather than tossing a few jump shots with a friend.

Build Muscle Strength

In addition to providing cardiovascular benefits, basketball can help you get toned. Basketball engages all of your muscles. Whether you’re running down the court on a fast break or bending to steal the ball, you’ll tone your core, arms, and legs.

Most basketball tips revolve around doing exercises that will improve your form. These exercises also can help build muscle strength. Dribbling, passing, and shooting all strengthen muscles like your deltoids, triceps, and pecs.

If you find yourself wanting to improve your game, consider free weights some of the best basketball gear you can get! Keep a few dumbells on hand to supplement your time on the court. You can do bicep curls, bench presses, and lat pulldowns, for instance.

Improve Your Balance and Agility

When you’re playing basketball, you have to make fast cuts with the ball and move laterally. You also have to outthink your opponent, pivot, and pass on the go. All of these actions work to improve your agility and balance.

On top of that, you’ll improve your hand-eye coordination. When you catch the ball, shoot it, or pass it, you’re using what you see to inform the movements of your hands. The more you do it, the better you’ll be.

It never hurts to get some help from your footwear, either. Invest in the best basketball shoes so you enjoy the experience more. With Dunk sneakers for sale, you’ll be able to lace up in a rebooted shoe that will have you ascending to the hoop in no time!

Learn to Focus Better

If you find your mind drifting, basketball can be a great way to help refocus it. You have to focus on a simple objective — winning the game — while also responding to shifting conditions. You might be doing a layup one minute, but have to change your game plan the next time you have possession.

And, of course, there’s the element of time. When the shot clock ticks lower, you need to focus on executing your team’s plan. This requires blocking outside distractions and focusing on the next few seconds.

Once you get on a roll playing basketball, you’ll want to get better. And if you notice physical and mental health improvements, it’s easier to stick with it. Committing to basketball can improve your sense of discipline, too!

Expand Your Social Circle

Does your community have a rec league for adult basketball? Whether you join a formal league or just head to the park for a pick-up game, you’ll be investing in your social circle, too. Playing basketball with others is a great activity to meet new people if you’ve just moved to a new area.

You’ll be able to find fellow adults with a love of the game — and you might gain some new friends from the experience. Look into pairing a game of basketball with a lunch or dinner out afterward. The camaraderie will enhance your well-being and stave off loneliness!

Reduce Your Stress Levels

One of the other big basketball benefits is that you can keep your stress levels in check. That’s because exercise can reduce the stress hormones in your body. And it can help lower the level of anxiety you feel.

Along the same lines, exercise can help increase the presence of endorphins in your body. Endorphins will make your mood better and more optimistic. If you’ve had a rough day at the office, a pick-up game could be the perfect antidote.

Plus, at the end of the day, you might just sleep better after having played a game. After all, you’ll be tired from burning 500 calories or more on the court. And being healthier usually equates to a better night of sleep for most adults.

Know the Benefits of Playing Basketball

If you know the benefits of playing basketball, you might find yourself lacing up and heading to the schoolyard. You can amp up your cardiovascular health and muscle mass. And you’ll feel calmer and happier when you find a good group of friends who can join you for a game.

For more ideas on how to stay healthy, check back soon for new articles.

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