USB-C Chargers

USB-C Chargers: Is It Worth The Switch?

Due to the emergence of mobile devices’ popularity, portable chargers have become part of a person’s everyday essentials. But like the changes that often occur with each new device released in the market, the latest version of chargers also came out. Today, you will find USB-C chargers as part of the latest mobile phone packages. 

The latest phone chargers that include the USB-C charging port are more reliable and faster than the previous version. It has also fast-becoming the universal charging option nowadays. But what makes USB-C chargers unique, and what are the advantages of using it?

What Are USB-C Chargers?

Also known as USB Type C, this new-generation connector is utilized for delivering power and data in and out of computing devices. Because the ends of this connector are symmetrical, you can insert it in the port either way. It fixes the previous problem encountered by users of prior USB port versions and made it as good as the reversible Lightning plug popularised by Apple Inc. 

What Is Different About USB-C Chargers?

The earliest version of USB chargers is called the USB-A. It comes with a rectangular port. The subsequent versions include the USB-B, which has a square-shaped plug that you usually plug into a printer. The Mini-USB, on the other hand, is often used in digital cameras. You will also find a Micro-USB that is often used to charge wireless headphones, smartphones, or e-readers. 

USB-C is the type of port that is created to replace all the previous versions. Aside from having symmetrical ends, it is also better than the rest because of its capacity to provide power to devices up to 100 watts instead of the usual 12 watts. It can also transfer data 20 times faster than the other ports. 

What Devices Work Best Using USB-C?

All big devices will charge better using USB-C chargers. For example, tablets like iPad Pro can only provide up to 10% of power when charged for 10 minutes. On the contrary, the iPad Pro that used a USB-C charger will have approximately 33% of power when charged in the same duration. Also, you can change more laptops using USB-C ports.  

What Are The Benefits Of USB-C?

Most people appreciate the simplicity of USB-C chargers because they can connect it either way. But this straightforward port is also more compact and more flexible compared to the other choices. It means that it can fit even the slimmest devices like smartphones and laptops. 

This connector’s flexibility can also allow you to connect your tablet or laptop to a dock and all the ports within.  

How To Change Into USB-C?

After learning that USB-C chargers can provide faster and more reliable charging, you need to know how to make the switch to this new connector to take advantage of its benefits. If your laptop is already a USB-C compatible device, you can start looking for chargers with this type of port. If your devices are still using the older port versions, you may find a special USB to USB-C adapters.  

However, you need to keep in mind that not all USB-C devices are designed to support all the newest USB-C specs. It is the reason why you must always take the time to read the spec sheet of the port before you purchase the connector. 

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