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Digital Transformation Consulting: Agencies vs. Freelancers

Have you ever felt like, as a business manager or owner, you’re juggling through ten things at once? There are some aspects to think about, you know, like checking the revenue of your company, focusing on the marketing aspects, etc.

It can be mind-boggling at times.

However, it’s not the end yet. When talking about building a business from scratch, you will have to ensure that you have a picture-perfect marketing approach. Therefore, who you are choosing for your purpose shall make the difference between you and your rivals.

Now, before offering our verdict, let us tell you about your options first.

To begin with, if you have an adequate amount of money and want to play it safe, choosing an agency would be best. However, if you don’t have enough budget and want to be adventurous, we will ask you to opt for a freelancer.

So, which one should you choose amongst them?

In this article, we have shared the advantages and disadvantages of an agency as well as a freelancer. Make sure to read till the end before coming up with a decision.

Why Should You Choose A Digital Marketing Agency?

An agency, in essence, tends to be composed of more than one individual. Some of them are experts in one segment of the business, while others specialize in another.

Therefore, when you are hiring them, you will get an entire team guided by your initial digital transformation consulting plans for the development of your website and everything else.

Due to the excellent manpower, a corporation will possess the capacity to implement the ideal practices in every aspect of work. Besides, their performance in terms of the turnaround time will be much better too.

Why Should You Choose A Freelancer?

Although more efficient, a digital marketing agency can be pretty expensive both regarding money and maintenance. Hence, if you want to cut back on your expenses efficiently, opting for a freelancer should be the way to go for you.

Besides, a freelancer can also be ideal if you are considering going for a straightforward and non-exhaustive marketing plan. The communication with them will also be much better, as you are working on personal terms.

An Agency Or A Freelancer – Who Should You Choose? 

Honestly, choosing between a freelancer and an agency can be a tricky task, even if you are aware of what you want. Thus, in this section, we have shared a table-like formation to shed on their differences properly. Keep reading, then.

Reason Freelancer Agency
Market diagnosisWhen it comes to diagnosing the market, a freelancer will not be much helpful for you. As they’re working alone, it will be almost impossible to complete their task within a time limit.As mentioned before, a company will have an excellent backup in terms of manpower for them. It, in turn, helps them complete their job of marketing diagnosis pretty quickly. 
Priority Level A freelancer usually takes on one or two projects before jumping onto another one. Therefore, for them, you will always be their top priority, no matter what. Conversely, an agency will have more projects to work with. Thus, their priority level will not be the same as a freelancer. But, you can expect them to get your job done within the given time limit,
Flexibility A freelancer generally does not follow a 9-5 routine. Therefore, you can ask them to work at any given time, and they will provide whatever you’ve asked for. Contrary to a freelancer, a digital agency will not be flexible. They will follow a schedule while doing their job. Also, they won’t take any requests following the closing time.
CommunicationThe communication between you and a freelancer will be pretty seamless. You can talk to them and guide them through your project however you may like. In case the time zone of you and the freelancer is different, then it might be difficult to communicate. A digital agency tends to have a specific set of communication with their clients. Therefore, once you’ve ordered something, you might not be able to change it anymore. The issue of the time zone tends to be present here as well. 

The Bottom Line 

Honestly, choosing between an agency and a freelancer can be a tough job. Hence, if you don’t want to feel confused, make sure to assess your requirements first. Once you have determined them, you can move onto the task of choosing the right one for your business. 

Good luck! 

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