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What is the Best Forex Strategy?

Figuring out a successful trading technique is the most vital factor of currency trading. As a whole, there are many forex trading techniques made by many kinds of traders to assists you earn money in this kind of market. 

On the other hand, traders have to look for the best technique in the trading forex market, which suits their style in trading and the risk tolerance. Keep in mind that no one size fits all forex trading strategy. 

To earn a profit, you must concentrate on getting rid of the losing trades and getting more winning ones. A trading technique that leads you to this objective could prove to be a thriving one. 

Forex strategy with 100% Accuracy:

Picking the Best Strategy for Forex Trading                

Before knowing the best forex trading strategy, you must know the methods of picking a trading technique. Various factors must be considered in this process. 

Time Frame  

Picking a time frame that meets your style is highly vital. For traders, there is a big disparity between trading on a weekly chart and a 15-minute chart. If you’re discovering more to becoming a scalper, traders who aim to gain from a smaller market move, then you must concentrate on the lower timeframe. 

Trading Opportunities 

When picking your technique, you must answer the query, how often do I like to open a position? If you look to open high numbers of positions, then focus on scalping trading techniques. 

Position size

Looking for the right trade size is vital. Successful trading techniques need to know the risk sentiment. It is problematic to risk more than you are able to as it can result in a bigger loss. 

Three Thriving Trading Strategies

So, you have figured out a time frame, your preferred size on one trade, as well as the number of trades you’re looking to open in a specific time frame. Here are some of the best trading techniques which professional and successful traders have used.


This is a well-known technique focusing on a minor movement of the forex market. Scalping involves opening a large number of trades in a bid to provide a small gain per each. 

Thus, scalpers work in order to produce bigger earnings by producing a large number of a smaller profits. This technique is the reverse of holding the position for hours, days as well as weeks. 

This is renowned in the foreign exchange market because of its volatility and liquidity. Traders search for markets wherein the value action is moving continually to capitalize on variations in a small increment. 

This kind of investor is likely to concentrate on gains which are around five pips for every trade. But, they’re anticipating that a large number of trades are successful as gains are stable, constant as well as fast to obtain or achieve. 

However, with this technique, you can’t afford to remain in the trade for long. It also needs attention and lots of time because you need to analyze charts to look for a new trading opportunity continuously. 

Day Trading

Another remarkable and successful type of forex trading technique is day trading. This technique is common amongst professional traders and investors. This technique refers to the course of currency trading in one trading time/day. Even if applicable in different markets, day trading is largely utilized in the Forex market. This recommends traders to open and close the entire trades in one day. 

No position must keep open overnight to reduce the risk. Not like scalpers that stay in the market for a couple of minutes, day trading users keep active to monitor as well as manage opened trades. They are mostly utilizing 30 minutes and one-hour time frames to come up with trading ideas. 

A lot of day traders are likely to base their techniques in trading on the news. Economic statistics, schedule events, interest rates, elections, GDPs, etc., are likely to have a powerful effect on the forex trading market. 

Aside from the restriction set on every position, they are likely to set a risk limit per day. A familiar decision amongst traders is setting a 3 percent risk limit a day. This will keep the capital and account safe and sound. This technique is based on looking for the resistance lines and horizontal support on a graph. 

Position Trading

This is also one of the best and popular trading techniques used by many successful investors and traders in the forex trading market. This is a long-term technique. So, if you are looking for a strategy that works long-standing and enduring, you must definitely consider this one. Position trading is an enduring strategy. Not like day trading and scalping, this trading technique is first and foremost focused on essential and primary aspects. 

Fluctuations in the minor market aren’t considered in this technique as they do not have an effect on the wider market picture. 

Users of this trading technique tend to track central bank monetary rules and policies, political developments as well as other basic aspects to figure our cyclical trends. Winning position traders might open only a couple of trades over the whole year. On the other hand, gain targets tend to be at least a few hundred pips for every trade. 

This trading technique is set aside for more patient investors as their position might take several weeks and even months or years to play out. 


Every investor has to look for the best trading technique which suits their style of trading. Pick the trading technique by searching a favored time frame, preferred position size as well as the number of trades you plan to open. 

Scalping is a common trading technique that involves many trades in a short span of time to take advantage of a smaller market moment. On the other hand, Day trader is likely to open as well as close the trade in one day. Position trading is set aside for patient traders or investors with a background in economics and finance as they want to earn from long-standing market trends. 

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