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Best Outdoor Activities In Mammoth

Mammoth Lakes, California is a year-round destination for fun, adventure, history, and nature explorations. This beautiful place is home to Mammoth Mountain, a popular ski resort spot in the winter. In the spring, summer, and fall, the area is an ideal place to explore the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains, the unique geology, the pristine lakes, and the gorgeous valleys.

Before you visit, ensure that you are well equipped to approach the area with the best e bike for hills and plenty of backpacking gear. Here are some of the best outdoor activities for adventure seekers in Mammoth Lakes, California.

Hiking the Trails

Visitors to Mammoth Lakes shouldn’t miss checking out the miles of hiking trails throughout the area. The trails along the mountain are suitable for both experienced and beginner hikers. Some hikes take visitors right along the basins of the famous lakes. Other hikes allow explorers to view the native wildflowers in the region during the spring blooming season. For an unforgettable winter adventure, consider going on a snowshoeing hike on Mammoth Mountain.

Biking the Loops

If you want to take bike rides, there are many biking trails near Mammoth Lakes. There are demanding mountain biking trails for expert riders as well as family trails for younger and less experienced bike riders. It’s better to choose bikes based on the level of riding skill and the biking trails from the range of bikes for trails that suits your riding style. Families and children can choose some of the loop trails in the town and near the lakes for a leisurely ride.

Checking Out the Geological Formations

Mammoth Lakes is also famous for its unusual geological formations. A top attraction is Devils Postpile National Monument. This formation features stunning columns of basalt rising high to the horizon. Moreover, visitors can also checkout the spectacular Mammoth Lakes Earthquake Fault. The oldest trees in the world are also home to this area at Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. Surprisingly, several trees in the forest are older than 4,000 years.

Exploring Ghost Towns

During the 19th century Gold Rush, Mammoth Lakes was a premium destination for gold hunters . Thousands of prospective gold hunters came to the area and set up towns and settlements. While some of these towns survived and evolved, many ended up being abandoned and forgotten. The area still has some of these eerie ghost towns left to explore. Bodie Ghost Town is a great example of a place that time forgot. You can get there via the Mono Lake and June Lake trail loop. Find hybrid bikes for sale online to explore this excellent biking loop.

Go on a Kayaking Adventure  

The last outdoor adventure suggestion is to check out the stunning lakes and streams throughout this beautiful region. In the spring, summer and fall, consider going on a kayak tour in either Lake Mary or June Lake. Both lakes feature scenic mountain vistas of Carson Peak or Mammoth Mountain.

Take your love of the outdoors to the next level with a visit to Mammoth Lakes, California. Visitors will surely get satisfied with the plethora of outdoor activities and some activities will give them amazing experience.

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