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Where To Watch Business Proposal?

Over the last ten years, South Korean dramas, fondly known as K-dramas, have captured the global audience’s fascination. A prime exemplar of this trend is ‘Business Proposal,’ an enthralling romantic comedy. The narrative centers around Shin Ha-ri, a culinary researcher, who accidentally lands on a blind date with Kang Tae-moo, her firm’s CEO. An unexpected proposal from Tae-moo leaves Ha-ri scrambling to maintain her charade to secure her employment. Featuring a blend of romance, wit, and a captivating cast, this K-drama serves as an excellent entry point for newcomers to the genre or a delightful indulgence for seasoned viewers seeking a buoyant series.


Since its premiere in February 2022, Business Proposal has rapidly soared to become the top-viewed K-drama on Netflix. The absorbing narrative, exceptional performances, and dynamic chemistry between the protagonists have garnered rave reviews from critics and fans alike, earning it worldwide recognition. If you are an ardent K-drama fan or crave a charming, light-hearted romantic comedy, Business Proposal makes a worthy addition to your watchlist.

The series stands out for its unique storyline, adapted from Haehwa’s popular webtoon, “The Office Blind Date.” The transformation of this webtoon into a K-drama ingeniously fuses contemporary South Korean societal nuances with captivating fiction. This fresh take has enchanted both fans of the original webtoon and newcomers to the series. While it may initially seem lighthearted and amusing, the plot gradually delves into complex themes of identity, corporate politics, and the ups and downs of romantic liaisons, making it a compelling watch.


Kudos to director Park Sun-ho and scriptwriters Han Sul-hee and Hong Bo-hee, whose creative prowess was pivotal in shaping this series. Their imaginative flair and vision culminated in a narrative that skillfully balances comedy and emotional depth, ensuring both entertainment and relatability. Their realistic depiction of the workplace, friendships, and romantic blunders has resonated with viewers globally.

So, where to watch business proposal? Here are some prominent platforms where you can stream this beloved K-drama:



Netflix is the undisputed hub for Business Proposal aficionados. As the original home for the series, Netflix provides all the episodes for an engrossing binge-watch session. The platform provides subtitles in over 30 languages, promising a smooth viewing experience for global audiences. Given its extensive reach and superior streaming quality, it’s no wonder Netflix is a favorite among K-drama enthusiasts worldwide.


If you’re based in the Asia-Pacific region, Viu is another streaming platform worth considering. It offers a vast collection of Asian content, including Business Proposal. The series is available with English, Chinese, and Malay subtitles, thereby broadening its reach. Importantly, Viu updates episodes quickly, ensuring you’re never left hanging for your favorite shows.

Rakuten Viki

Rakuten Viki is a treasure trove of Asian entertainment. Business Proposal is available here, with a comprehensive subtitle library that supports over 200 languages. This makes it a preferred choice for K-drama enthusiasts globally. While Rakuten Viki offers free viewing with ads, you can opt for a Viki Pass Plus subscription for an uninterrupted, ad-free experience.


You may also consider Dailymotion, a free video-sharing platform. Although it doesn’t provide as comprehensive a service as the platforms mentioned above, you can find Business Proposal episodes with English subtitles here. The series is accessible free of charge, albeit with occasional ad interruptions.


Certain YouTube channels also host Business Proposal episodes with English subtitles. However, due to potential copyright issues, these channels may be prone to takedowns. It is advisable to opt for a more reliable streaming service to prevent any viewing disruptions.

Other Streaming Services

Aside from the platforms listed above, depending on where you’re based, Business Proposal might be accessible on other streaming services. To check, simply search for “Business Proposal” on your preferred platform.


This comprehensive guide highlights several platforms where you can catch Business Proposal. With its captivating narrative, endearing characters, and uplifting humor, this K-drama presents an enjoyable viewing experience and proves to be a top pick for fans of romantic comedies.

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