Why Choosing the Right Live Floor Trailer Makes Such a Difference

If you’re looking to purchase a live floor trailer, there are several things to consider before you choose one trailer over another. First, you want to select the right trailer that will provide you with all the features and functions that you need and do so in a way that’s affordable and easy on your budget.

If you take the time to really compare live floor trailers, you’ll quickly discover that there are some key differences between them all, even if they seem similar at first glance.

Consider Portability

Most live floor trailers are not designed to be easily moved, often requiring cranes or flatbed trucks to transport. However, if you plan on hauling your trailer over roads that don’t permit commercial vehicles or if you have to move your trailer around frequently, then it makes sense to invest in one that is easier to move. Also, there are two models of easily portable trailers, perfect for fishermen and landscapers alike.

Ensure Sufficient Ventilation

If you’re transporting live animals in your live floor trailer, it’s important to ensure that proper ventilation exists. For every three square feet of air space in your live floor trailer, you should have 12 CFM of ventilation. If you don’t have these levels, you could cause suffocation in some livestock. Therefore, when choosing a live floor trailer, look for one with large front and back vents to promote proper airflow inside of your trailer.

Opt for Double-Wall Construction

Just like trailers that haul food and other perishable goods, live floor trailers need to be impervious to water and air. But they also have extra needs, such as holding up to five tons of weight and handling rougher roads than your average enclosed trailer. That’s why it’s important to invest in double-wall construction, including interior and exterior walls made of 18-gauge welded steel.

Go Big on Inbuilt Storage

This will make your life easier in more ways than one. If you’re working with limited space, every centimeter counts, so think about adding extra shelves and hooks for storing your tools and hardware. This will help keep them organized and off of floors where they can get damaged or dirtied. Having too much space is better than not having enough space if you’re going to live out of your trailer, so try to include storage for things like lawn chairs and even foldable bikes. According to Hales Trailer, “Trailer dimension restrictions may vary based on state, so be sure to speak with trailer experts who will help you find the perfect walking floor for your fleet.”

We hope this write-up helps you choose the right live floor trailer and use it to its fullest capacity. It’s an investment in your future — so take your time with the decision and choose one that is well-built, long-lasting, and safe. For more information on trailers, contact your nearest dealer today.

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