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7 Simple Ways to Pamper Yourself During a Business Trip

Going on a business trip will probably require you to put in some serious work.

You may need to put in some long hours and really go the extra mile to make sure everything gets done since work trips generally have a finite timespan.

If your plane leaves on Friday, you can’t necessarily just finish up all the remaining tasks on Monday morning.

You’ve got to do what it takes to get done on time and on target—and sometimes, this can make business trips extremely taxing on you—not just physically, but also emotionally and intellectually.

For this reason, it’s always a good idea to pamper yourself, even if it’s just for a little bit whenever you’re on the job away from home.

Not only is a little bit of pampering good for the soul, it’ll also be good for your work trip.

It’ll help to make you more productive, and help you to wake up each day ready to face the tasks at hand with a refreshed outlook and a positive frame of mind.

But how do you do it?

How should you pamper yourself while you’re traveling for work?

Well, here are a few simple ways to do exactly that.

1. Enjoy The Locality

After you get done with work for the night, consider taking a walk and experiencing some of the closest businesses, bars, and restaurants near your hotel.

Consider stopping in somewhere for a drink, grab a bite of the local cuisine, or just in general experience some of that local nightlife.

2. Enjoy The Beautiful Scenery

Even on the busiest of work trips, there should certainly be a way to get away for a bit and experience the beautiful natural wonders of the region.

This could mean a walk on the beach, a hike on a mountain trail, or even an afternoon tour at a local museum.

3. Get A Massage

Finding a local spa and getting a high-quality deep tissue massage can do wonders to make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated while you’re out working on the road.

For best results, find a spa that also provides other amenities that you may find useful, like hot stone treatments, saunas, face masks, etc.

4. Indulge In Some Fine Dining

Even if your trip has been incredibly busy, you’re still going to need to eat.

So why not take a break for just a little bit to stop in at a fine dining establishment in the region—and experience some truly great five-star food?

One of the great things about traveling to other places is that the food is generally different and exciting.

5. Sleep In For A Day

Work trips can be physically taxing.

This is even more true if you’re experiencing any sort of jetlag from changing time zones.

For this reason, opting to sleep in for at least one morning per week during a trip is an excellent idea.

It’ll help you to catch up on sleep and really fully rest and recover from all that hard work you’ve been doing.

6. Get Room Service

double down on that ‘sleeping in’ plan by waking up and ordering some delicious room service while you get ready for the day.

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as lazily eating some delicious food in your room as you work to get ready for the next day’s events.

Of course, this won’t be possible every day—but try to at least fit it in once or twice during the duration of your work trip.

7. Start A New Book

If you happen to be working in a location that has some beautiful scenery, purchase yourself a new book and spend some quality time reading in this new environment.

There’s just something really relaxing about the magic blend of a new book and a new environment to really help you absorb the words and make them an important part of your experience.

This may seem like a simple thing, but it really works.


These seven tips will really help you to pamper yourself during your next business trip.

But of course, it all depends on you.

You are the master of your destiny.

And the sooner you take action to give yourself the kind of experience you deserve, the better your work trips will become—and the happier you will be as a result.

Need help finding a bit of extra money for these ‘extras?’

Check out this article by Hotel Engine: How to Adjust Company Mileage Policies When Gas Prices Skyrocket.

It’s filled with information to help you (and/or your travel manager) lower travel expenses to find room to spend some extra money for other things that matter (like an amazing fine-dining experience on location.)

It’s worth it. You deserve it. Now get out there and make it happen.

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