Build Up Immunity

How to Choose Vitamins To Build Up Immunity

Concerned about your immune health as different diseases start spreading around? You may be browsing for the right superfood for cold & flu to start eating every day. Before you can start adjusting your diet, though, you need to understand which vitamins can actually contribute to building good immunity. For example, a renewed focus on healthy foods rich in vitamin C could change your relationship to eating for immune health. This useful guide will help you to know about the vitamins you should consume for boosting immunity.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Vitamin C-Packed Foods

Do you know that Vitamin C-packed foods can bring you great health? So, eating foods rich with vitamin C are essential for building up immunity. Even if homeopathic flu medication is beneficial when you are sick, vitamin C –rich foods can significantly reduce the chances of falling sick. Vitamin C is primarily found in many fruits and vegetables, so that means filling up your plate with more of the good stuff! Thankfully, the variety of produce available is so wide that you can easily try out hundreds of different combinations and recipes. For instance, you can add sliced strawberries to a spinach salad, make a fruit salad with berries and orange slices, follow up a hearty meal with some watermelon scoops for dessert and much more.

Get Enough Vitamin D, But Be Careful About Fat-Soluble Vitamins

Especially if you’re looking to boost wintertime immunity, you may have thought about taking a vitamin D supplement. After all, most of the vitamin D you synthesize is likely to be from spending time in the sun, and if you live in a place where you don’t get enough sunlight in the winter, it can cause deficiency. However, before you add a supplement of vitamin D to your diet, be sure to consult your doctor. Since it’s a fat-soluble vitamin, they can cause side effects if you consumer more supplement. A better way to get more of this vitamin is by consuming foods rich in vitamin D:

  • Egg yolks
  • Fortified breakfast cereals
  • Cheeses
  • Fatty fish, including heart-healthy salmon and easy-to-prepare tuna

Aim To Consume More B Vitamins Daily

When you’re running low on B vitamins, you may feel sluggish and could even be harming your overall immune health. Make it a priority to consume more B vitamins through leafy greens, meat and shellfish, beans, nuts and certain fruits, like bananas. As a bonus, when you get your daily value of the B vitamins, you’ll help prevent anemia and may contribute to better brain function, too!

Eating well is one of the foundational aspects of good immune health, but sometimes it’s tough to figure out which vitamins to focus on getting. You can leverage this guide for your health benefits by adopting a healthy diet with a single meal at a time. Incorporate more of these vitamins into your everyday diet and you can eat your way to better well being and heightened immunity over time!

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