Best Plugins for an Optimized WordPress Site

WordPress is a flexible content management system that allows for virtually limitless options through the use of plugins. Choosing the appropriate plugins will not only help you offer your users functionality but also optimize the website itself.

Making your website more efficient and easy to use for your audience will help bring more visitors to your site and help retain them too.

AudioEye Web Accessibility Plugin

An often-overlooked element of WordPress optimization concerns web accessibility. Keeping your site ADA compliant will improve the user experience while signaling to Google that you deserve the best rankings possible.

AudioEye offers a WordPress plugin that covers your WordPress accessibility needs in an intuitive and easy-to-apply manner. The experts at AudioEye work with businesses, organizations, and web designers to provide them with the industry’s leading digital accessibility solutions.

According to AudioEye:

Our AI-powered remediations and basic STAR plan certify your WordPress website’s ongoing ADA / WCAG compliance.


If you want to avoid stuffing your WordPress installation with a bunch of plugins aimed at speed optimization, NitroPack will do the job. This plugin also removes a lot of the monitoring you would otherwise have to do.

NitroPack lets you choose the level of speed optimization you want to apply. Furthermore, the plugin will sort out everything from caching and minification to compression and image optimization.

WP Total Cache

Your particular WordPress optimization needs may require a few specialty plugins rather than an all-in-one. WP Total Cache is the ideal plugin for caching.

While WP Total Cache may need a little more effort to set up, the speed benefits you’ll acquire are worth it. The plugin offers browser caching, database caching, object caching, minification, CDN support, and a host of other options.

Keep in mind that uninstalling WP Total Cache can be as tricky as installation, so check out the documentation and avoid if you are an entry-level user.

WP Super Minify

Minifying improves site speed by compressing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files so that your website can load faster for visitors. WP Super Minify is easy to use for even the least tech-savvy website owner.

The only potential drawback is that the plugin may conflict with particular plugins and themes. To mitigate this, you can toggle JavaScript or CSS compression, depending on where the problem lies.


Perlmutter helps you improve your site speed by allowing you to disable certain WordPress options without delving into the code. This includes unnecessary HTTP requests that bog down your website on users’ devices. Perfmatters also gives you the ability to disable features on a per-page basis.

With Perfmatters, you have compatibility with any existing caching plugin you’re using. You also get DNS prefetch and reconnect functionality, allowing you to speed things up even further.

WP Rocket

If you want a plugin that gathers many tasks into one useful plugin, WP Rocket will cover your needs. Its easy interface makes it great for website owners of all skill levels. You get page caching, CDN integration, HTML, CSS and JavaScript minifying, database optimization, and a lot more.

Optimize Your WordPress Site Today

Google will pick up on any changes you make within days and put your website on a path to better rankings. Take the necessary actions to make your WordPress site faster and easier to access for all users.

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