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TikTok’s Latest Story Feature; Should You Use It?

Are you aware of TikTok’s latest feature? In 2022,  after months of tests, TikTok concurrently introduced a Story feature and 10- minute extended videos to offer long and short format content. Critics argue that TikTok’s latest move is perhaps the last nail in the coffin for its significant rival, Instagram. Despite the feature’s lack of novelty, people are excited about TikTok’s Story because of a particular tweak.

What’s A TikTok Story?

According to TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, its new tool is another way for users to share their creativity online. A TikTok Story allows you to upload content that lasts for 24 hours before it expires. You can upload 15- second clips to your TikTok Stories. TikTok adds a blue circle around a user’s profile image to show a new Story. To view an available Story, tap on a TikToker’s profile picture. This sounds familiar, right?

TikTok Story is similar to Stories on other socials. Interestingly, TikTok added a twist. TikTok Story allows other users to leave a comment or two on a post. Responses on TikTok Stories are public and allow fans within your community to interact. In contrast, users on other social media platforms like Whatsapp respond privately. However, you cannot use some TikTok functions like video replies due to the fleeting nature of Stories. TikTok is currently doing more tests before it launches Stories globally.

What’s The Deal With Story Features On Social Media?

Social media platforms usually build the viral features their rivals innovate to keep up with the competition. The Story feature is an excellent example. When Snapchat introduced the first-ever Story in 2013, it created a blueprint other socials use today. Snaps are short, disappear after 24 hours, and users can only view them when they tap on a message.

Although Snapchat lost its glory, experts credit the social media platform for championing Stories. After Snapchat’s initial success with Snaps, social media companies created similar features like Instagram Stories, YouTube Shorts, and the obsolete Twitter Fleets.

Other platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn later joined the club. TikTok Stories are not an exception. Notably, this strategic move is not fail-proof. Twitter’s version of Stories called Fleets flopped because of user- apathy; social media experts are keen to see if TikTok Stories will take off.

How To Post TikTok Stories

Create a TikTok Story with these three steps;

  1. Go to your For You page on TikTok’s home screen and tap the + sign
  2. Use the Quick camera to record a video and make your content
  3. Click the Post To Story  button to enable the feature and share

Since the feature is still in an experimental phase, TikTok Stories don’t allow you to add captions and adjust privacy settings. Viewing Stories on TikTok is also counterintuitive. Users vertically scroll on the For You page while TikTok Stories play horizontally.

Should You Leverage TikTok Stories?

It’s too early to determine if TikTok Stories are here to stay. No one knows if these disappearing videos have an effect that lasts as long as permanent TikToks. TikTokers who prefer permanence are more inclined to create content that features on the For You feed. Nonetheless, creators who tried TikTok Stories are enthusiastic since it’s another way to engage and dialogue with communities.

New features on social media don’t have rules and hacks, particularly during the formative stages. You can take advantage of such features and have fun with your content. TikTok Stories also create a form of exclusivity that makes users curious about an online persona. Once you upload a video that expires, the fear of missing out makes some people hit the follow button.

Social media strategies entail lists of what you can do to grow a presence online. Trusted social media solutions like Celebian and great content are some of the ways you can boost your TikTok account. Social media platforms also favor users who are the first to adopt a new feature; maybe TikTok Stories will help you to level up. TikTok Stories are a matter of choice.


TikTok Stories are the newest feature in town that rivals other social media platforms. The Stories have all the markings of Snapchat’s comparable tool called Snaps. TikTok Stories are still in an experimental stage; the decision to use the feature is a preference.

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