Downsizing Made Easy Using GoGoPDF

Nowadays, almost everything has shifted online. We shop online, pay the bills online, take classes online and even apply for jobs online. PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format that most of us are familiar with, and most of our documents are sent in this format.

If you’re like me and have this issue with maintaining the quality of your document via the internet then keep reading. 

Compress PDF Online

Why You Need To Do It

The main reason people compress PDF online is that sometimes, the files can get too big! This can make it hard to send over online platforms such as E-mails. Compressing a PDF File provides a hassle-free solution to conveniently send documents over the web. It makes your files uploadable since some services have a data limit, It saves data storage space, reduces internet traffic, and sends faster.

When a file is compressed, the space used to store the file can be reduced by up to fifty percent. You can even put two files together and compress them at once to save even more storage! Also, if you’re handling sensitive information, it is possible to encrypt the compressed files, meaning that it can only be accessed if the receiver of the file has the password, this eliminates a large portion of hacking possibilities. There really is no reason not to have this tool at hand.

You should be wary, however, of how you choose to compress your PDF file, done wrong, it can drastically reduce the quality of your PDF.

How It’s Done

Compressing files is a different area of expertise. It’s not for everyone but here are the basics of what goes on when compressing files. Each application or tool used to downsize files uses a distinct algorithm to eradicate the identified redundancies, recognize patterns, and zero in on compressible areas without decreasing the quality of the file. 

For example, when you compress pictures in PDF format, this just means that the file you’re viewing is in a smaller resolution compared to the original. There are two types of compression namely, lossless and lossy compression.

When we talk about lossless compression, these algorithms downsize files without compromising any information in the file. Eventually, this option enables users to reconstruct the original file from the compressed one. 

Next, is the lossy compression which does the opposite. It downsizes files by removing the less important information. This, however, may affect the quality of the file. This type of compression may only be used in files such as pictures, audios or videos since in documents, this may lead to missing characters.

You have free and paid options on the internet available for use which basically does the same job but the latter with additional benefits like security assurance and such.

Online Resources

Back when resources were limited, you had to pay for compressing applications or tools or you had to tap your tech-savvy friend to compress your files for you. Well, now times have changed and the internet has free services that the everyday man can use.

With a few keystrokes and a click on the mouse, there are websites that you could access where you can compress your pdfs online for free. Some of these are gogopdf.com, smallpdf.com, pdfcompressor.com, and a multitude of other websites that will convert PDFs free of charge. The procedure is often simple, it involves having to upload your original file and choosing some preferred settings.

Now you might be wondering, with all these free available sites, why should you opt for those that you need to pay for? The bottom line is you are paying for safety and privacy. Various sets of documents and data are gathered within the internet, they are often sold to big companies for marketing, however, it is not uncommon for sensitive information to get into the wrong hands. 

On the other hand, paid professional services contain tools that guarantee privacy for your files and others even have an automatic delete sequence to ensure that only the owner has the backup file.


PDF compression is a great method to save space and easily send files across the internet. It is pretty easy to do so on some websites, however, if you are handling sensitive information and value privacy, the best option is to avail paid professional applications.

So, now that you’ve learned more about compressing pdfs online, what option would you go with? A paid application or a free compression tool on the internet?

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