How to Start Business After Lockdown?

Covid-19 has not only slowed down our lives but also our economy and our collective aspirations. This pandemic has brought many changes to our normal lifestyle. Many people have faced a financial crisis in lockdown due to the downfall in their business during this pandemic. But after lockdown the biggest challenge for us that how to start a business after lockdown?

We cannot think that life would be the same after lockdown. We need to focus on more compassionate and humanitarian requirements. We have to keep in mind that how do you open your office, how will you maintain social distancing while managing your costs. We have to accept that the same way you worked before has changed.  

So, here we are sharing some steps that you can include to start your business after lockdown;


You have to make detailed planning. You need to identify how many your employees really want to come for work after lockdown. And, how many want to continue to work from home, if that is possible in your business after lockdown. Cyprus Company Formation can help in your business.


Companies should ensure transportation for their workers. In your offices, there should be a checkpoint to testing them. And, you can also arrange a pick and drop facility for your workers, if you can. 

Avoid crowding

You have to ensure that there is no crowding in your office space. You have to manage with only fifty percent of the workspace is actually occupied. So, your workers can work with social distancing. We need to focus on every guideline which is made by the government to run our business after lockdown. For business investment you can take help of Cyprus Business Center.You have to take every step possible to minimize the impact on employees and ensure their well-being and safety. 

Work in shifts

You can make duties in different shifts of your employees. In that way, the same person doesn’t stay for a long period in office. So, you can arrange 4-5-hour rotational shifts according to your work load to manage your business after lockdown. 


Everything in your office space you have to sanitize them properly to avoid the virus. There should be clear instructions on hand wash, use sanitizer, wear your mask properly, etc. It would be a major task to run your business after lockdown.

 So, these tips you can include in your ongoing business after lockdown. And, if you want to start some new business after lockdown with the above tips, then I’m going to share with you about some start-ups ideas which you can take; 

  • You can start a homemade masks business after lockdown.
  • Scented candles you can make as festival time is coming also. Everybody likes scented candles.
  • Gift baskets also can be made. They are in big demand during every festival, weddings and many other occasions.
  • If you are a techie then you can use your skills by creating and selling apps from home.
  • Office organizers are in great demand, these days. You can make and sell handmade office organizer also. 

There are so many things that you can do to start your business after lockdown. So, no need to worry. Just need to focus on your goal.

Wishing you all a happy life!!

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