4 Perks of Integrated Marketing for Your Business

Marketing is always evolving. And that is why you need integrated marketing.

You’re probably thinking, why do you need it?

Integrated marketing delivers a unified and holistic buyer’s journey experience for potential customers. It is possible through a great combination of digital and traditional marketing.

Let’s dive deeper to learn about integrated marketing and its benefits.

What is integrated marketing?

Integrated marketing is an omnichannel marketing strategy that brings consistency and a seamless experience for potential customers. The effort brings your brand to many marketing channels, such as offline marketing channels, paid media, earned media, and of course, your owned media.

As mentioned, the primary purpose is to deliver a unified marketing communication to bring your brand in front of the eyes of your audience.

An example of integrated marketing

Let’s say you run a bakery. You have allocated considerable resources for your marketing budget to spread the word about your bakery. An integrated marketing plan can look like the following points:

  • Create guidelines to unify brand message and visuals in all your marketing materials, resulting in a consistent brand voice, tone, and marketing collaterals
  • Develop and launch a website following best practices of search engine optimizations to rank higher on search engines
  • Plan and execute social media marketing campaigns for your bakery
  • Plan and run offline advertising, like doing print advertising on train stations, stamp a QR code on the print advertising that connects audiences to your website or social media, creating a seamless buyer’s journey for interested customers
  • Collaborate with influencers or content creators, so people will discover your brand, be it through their favorite bloggers, YouTubers, or podcasts
  • Run a paid media (search engine marketing, social media advertising) campaigns

And when you run those plans, always follow your brand guidelines to bring a consistent brand message, tone, voice, and visuals for interested customers.

Integrated marketing benefits

Successfully implementing integrated marketing gives interested customers a satisfying and seamless buyer’s journey. Great buyer’s journey delivers these for your brand:

Reach more people than you can imagine

Integrated marketing strategy encourages your brand to deliver marketing messages on many channels. For instance, you must deliver your content for social media, search engines, or traditional media.

As a result, your brand’s message will reach so many people. People can see your brand when browsing social media, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube, and even while commuting by the train because your brand also utilizes traditional advertising.

More conversions

If you successfully implement the best practice of integrated marketing, you will deliver a pleasant buyer’s journey for interested customers.

What does it mean for your brand? That means more conversions if your product or service is as good as your marketing.

Better brand awareness

There is no better strategy than integrated marketing in terms of making people learn about your brand. It is because your brand is everywhere. They can see your brand online or offline.

It is impossible not to be aware of your brand after coming across your brand everywhere. To illustrate, they can see your brand in a lift through lift advertising media, when they search for products or services related to your brand online or on social media.

Your brand is available on many marketing touchpoints; you can expect more people to discover your brand, leading to better brand awareness.

Grow your brand further

Besides helping you acquire new customers, integrated marketing can grow your brand further by:

  • Driving brand loyalty
  • Attracting searchers to visit your website
  • Boosting your brand recognition

The summary is…

Betsy Holden, a leading advisor from McKinsey & Co, says it best.

“Integrated marketing offers opportunities to break through to consumers in new markets”.

Ultimately, integrated marketing benefits your brand since it helps your brand:

  • Discovered by so many people
  • Captivate people to try your goods
  • Make people loyal to your brand
  • Stay competitive in your industry

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