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Guide to Online Brand Protection

If you own a company, you will know how tough it is to build, define as well as own your brand whilst creating customer loyalty via some social media engagemnets, promotions, as well as advertising. Consumers want to have a consistent brand experience which meets and even exceeds the expectations they have of your business whilst fulfilling their differentrequirements. Nowadays consumers want to interact with brands across different platforms. As businesses continue to better their online presence plus reputation, there is a higher risk of threats which can capitalize on weaknesses present in the company’s cybersecurity protections.

What is Brand Protection?

Good online brand protection needs continual monitoring as well as remediation of dangers to a particular company’s brands present across social, mobile, websites, along with other external sources. To help with this, one often needs the involvement of the professional security, marketing, brand, plus legal teams.

Some Effects of Brand Attacks

A brand can be negatively impacted at the time that loss of consumer trust occurs. It can even occur at the time that the image of the particular brand gets tarnished. This can occur due to counterfeit items, negative publicity, breaches, etc.

When attacks occur on brands they can lead to loss of customer trust. Financial loss can occur to the business. The brand will get a competitive disadvantage when people see that it is not able to keep itself safe from fraud.

How To Protect Your Brand

You need to figure out which assets of your brand are potentially vulnerable. Making a repository of the particular corporate social media accounts, domains, as well as apps plus other platforms can help you look for potential exposures. The security team must handle brand assets like they do with other assets along with data which they want to protect. When you know what you own, it is possible to start monitoring for any impersonations and brand abusers. When it comes to attack surface discovery, you need to figure out where thebrand presently engages online. It can be social media, domains, code sharing sites, etc. You will have to identify the places that the brand is mentioned and targeted.

Most customers may first interact with the brand through its website. This is mostly true in today’s digital world. This is why you have to protect the owned domains that you have and take down any fraudulent websites immediately. Proactive as well as continuous domain monitoring lets you figure out domains particularly at the point of registration. You can then take action to get them removed prior to any malicious content getting hosted. You must also protect all your social media pages.

You can get professional help like fraud protection with FraudWatch for instance. It is important to take all measures to protect your brand before it is too late. There are many hackers present who are very clever and can lead to your business getting a huge loss and bad reputation. This is why you need to take steps to protectyour brand.

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