Why a Lost College Diploma Can and Should be Replaced with a Duplicate?

It happens all the time. You’ve lost your college diploma. No matter where you search, you just can’t seem to come up with it. After moving several times, it’s possible it’s still packed away in a box somewhere in the garage or up in the attic. But there’s also a good chance you tossed it out by mistake.

If you’re the type of professional who’s come to a point in his or her professional life where you’d like to frame and display your diploma proudly on your office wall behind your desk, or if you simply want your college diploma back for sentimental reasons, there is hope. You can contact a reputable company that specializes in creating replacement, and even fake diplomas you can utilize as fun gifts.

Says the professionals at DiplomaMakers.com, a company that can produce a fake diploma or a highly accurate replacement college diploma, by choosing an in-house, custom-designed, “perfect match” diploma, you can have your replacement college diploma in hand relativelyquickly and ready for framing.

In fact, as a professional, you should have a lost or destroyed college diploma replaced as soon as possible. Says a recent report by Temple University and other sources familiar with the subject, the likelihood of destroying or losing your hard-earned college diploma is almost guaranteed if you do not have it immediately framed in UV-protective, archival-quality glass.

It’s fortunate, however, that acquiring a replacement diploma is an option. That said, here are a few important reasons why a lost diploma can and should be replaced.

Your Diploma is Hopelessly Lost

Little question exists about the importance of your college degree and the official diploma that recognizes it. But over the course of several years or even decades, life gets in the way and suddenly you discover that your diploma is missing. If you are certain the diploma is gone forever, you can take action to have it replaced. As a professional, you might even consider this a necessary course of action.

A Framed College Diploma Makes a Good Impression

Even if it’s not necessary to display your framed diploma at your office where potential clients can be certain of your academic and professional qualifications, it’s a good thing to have it displayed in your home. There is no better incentive for your children to excel at school and to carry on in your footsteps than by viewing your diploma on a daily basis. If you took four years out of your life to work hard and earn a college degree to get ahead, your children will likely feel that they need to follow the same exact path.

Companies Ask for a Copy of Your Diploma

If you are in the process of changing jobs or even careers and you cannot locate your college transcript or your diploma, you will need to acquire a transitional replacement. You can seek out a company to provide you with a transitional or “stand-in diploma” until you receive your official replacement. You can then attach a copy of the transitional diploma to your official job application.

Your College or University Will Help

Says Temple University, those college graduates who lose their diploma can request an official copy from their academic institution. This is referred to as a “replacement diploma.” However, it’s important to note that while the replacement will be close to an exact duplicate of your lost diploma, it will contain the signatures of current college or university officials.

Your full name will appear on the replacement diploma as it is currently listed in your official academic transcript. But if your degree was earned prior to 2020, it’s likely you will receive a digital copy of your diploma which you can then email to a prospective employer. You can also print a hard copy suitable for framing.

Costs Associated with a Replacement Diploma

Whether you seek out a reputable company to replace your lost diploma or you approach your old school, the cost is more than reasonable. On average you will spend anywhere from $20 to $100 dollars depending on the new diploma’s attention to detail. The cost should include standard shipping if you choose to receive a hard copy of the diploma to accompany the digital version.

Naturally you will be wondering how long the process of being provided with your replacement diploma can take. To be on the safe side, you should plan on waitingfour to six weeks after placing your order before you receive your replacement diploma. 

In the end, when your new diploma arrives, you will be happy you went about the process of replacing it. If you’ve lost your diploma and don’t make the effort to get a new one, it means you don’t place enough value on the hard work you put in to earn your degree. A missing diploma can also cost you job opportunities. Do yourself and your family a favor and get your lost diploma replaced now.

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